Duct & Dryer Vent Cleaning

We Offer Professional Air Duct Cleaning Options in the Seabrook, Portsmouth, Rye & Stratham, NH Area

Let the PROS Clean Your Ductwork

There’s more than one way to clean ductwork. When you work with C&C Air Solutions, you can choose from several options for residential and commercial ductwork in the Seabrook, Portsmouth, Rye or Stratham, NH area.

Our professional air duct cleaning services include:

  • Full duct system cleaning services
  • Full air duct sanitation services
  • Coil cleaning services

Our standard cleanings will remove allergens like dust and dander from your ductwork in a different way. Our sanitation service will take that a step further, killing any surface mold and allergenic bacteria. For information about each type of professional air duct cleaning, consult us now. You can also get a free estimate.

What Makes Cleaning Your Dryer Vent Important?

It’s more than important. It’s necessary. That’s because dryer lint is so flammable that some campers use it to start fires. If built-up dryer lint is heated by your dryer or nearby washing machine, it could easily be a hazard. Luckily, we can get rid of it with a simple rotary brush. Contact us now to schedule dryer vent maintenance services.

Book Professional Dryer Vent Cleaning Services in Newburyport MA, Stratham NH, and Exeter NH

Remove All the Excess Lint From Your Vents

When your dryer isn’t working quite right, it might not be broken – it might just have a clogged vent. Over time, lint builds up inside its vent, which makes it dry clothes less effectively. C&C Air Solutions can provide professional dryer vent cleaning services in your home or business in the Seabrook, Portsmouth or Rye, NH area.

Reach out to us when:

  • Your dryer isn’t drying clothes as quickly as it used to
  • The inside of your dryer seems damp after drying laundry
  • You think your old vent might not be up to current code

We’ll provide a free, transparent quote on dryer vent maintenance services over the phone. Call 603-760-2861 now to ask about professional air duct cleaning.

How Will We
Clean Your Vents?

With our air duct cleaning service, we’ll use negative pressure machine with HEPA filters. If you’d like to then have your ducts sanitized as well, we’ll run a EPA-approved disinfectant fog through the system, coating it and killing all bacteria and other germs. We recommend having your air ducts cleaned once a year to help your HVAC system work efficiently. To breathe cleaner, healthier air, schedule service right away.